Maria Goreti Supeni


The title is Adult Learning. the implication on how the adult learnt, rather than the real definition of adult learning.

There are three board theories of psychology.  as the base for methods or learning procedures  at school   Behavioristics psychology gives point a view about the old fashion  learning method, teacher as the central,  teacher  being active  explaining  the  materials while students being passive  and give respond from  the teacher stimuli, usually for lecturing and question and answer_ This theory states that learning through stimuli and respond which is done continually one by one Cognitive psychology/ Gestalt, gives a now learning method that gave chance to the student's self fulfillm ent development depend on their own potential, especially in their cognitive, active learning_ The teacher is as instructor_- giving task, facilitating, motivating and evaluating the Learning achievement. Humanistic psychology, modem psychology.   gives a  modern learning  method,  "active  learning", different .from Gestalt theory. because this theory states that everyone has self fulfillment,  so every student is free  to choose the material, Learning  strategy,  depend on  their  talent, even  evaluating their Learning achievement. The teacher 's evaluation is pressure for  the students. Here. teacher is as facilitator and motivator who help the students if it :is needed. Learning includes cognitive, affective. and psychomotor aspect through the students' experience. From the above theories, which one is appropriate/or adult learners?

Thus, there is . not one appropriate method that can be implemented for adult lear!1ing. It should be suitable with the learning goals, materials, class or students· characteristic_ Take for example; the learning method for S2 students is different from SI students. although they are adult Learners. It is also different for  Lembaga Pelatihan Kedinasan. Active learning. for some people is the best learning method, is also not appropriate for teaching many theories with limited time. Lecturers will apply learning method based on JT and LCD Projector with Microsoft Power Point for  lecturing.

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